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US Store is up for testing!

Hi US!
Our store is now up for testing, you should be able to select it when you go into our Merchen-dice section, if not, on the right hand side of the screen where your cart icon is will be a flag, either the US or the AUS flag, click this to change to the respective store.

We have a small amount of products currently available in the US, this is our test run, so we are going to list what is available here and keep this updated, so you do not have to hunt the store to find out what is available. If you do wish to purchase the below, we have one of each item, so get in quick! We will be testing the process of the US distribution over the next few weeks, you should not see anything different other than getting offered a flat fee for shipping in the US!  Yeay!

Note this shipping includes signature on delivery as well as insurance, which we believe should be mandatory on all expensive purchases to protect your goods!



Citrine Set
Lapis Lazuli set with white text
Blue Sandstone Set
Malachite Set
Obsidian Set
Amethyst Set
Gold Sandstone Set

Aluminium colours:
Black, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Silver

Caged Aluminium colours:
Pink, Purple, Corroded Rust

Spin Downs and Mini 12mm D6’s
Lemon Lime, Strawberries and Cream, Black, Purple Daze, Siith, Poison, Light Blue, Green, Water Dragon’s Fire, Charred


Dice rolling Trays
Small and Large.


Our complete range is still available from our international store located here.