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July new arrivals – Metals!

Oiled Aluminium D20 Metal Dice

We will start today with our new “Oil’s” range of aluminium dice. Have you wanted to have something unique like our semi-precious range, but also want the precision of our metal range? Then look no further than our multi-coloured oil aluminium range! Each die is guaranteed unique and still weighted to perfection!

(and we need your help! At the bottom of this post is a picture of all ten of the oil colours, we want you to help us come up with the names for each colour variety. Simply grab the picture of the colour you want to suggest, and post it on our facebook post found here along with the name your suggesting. Feel free to post for as many of the colours as you have ideas for!)


Next we would like to present to you, the long awaited “caged” dice, these are something else, crafted from a single piece of aluminium and turned into two separate pieces with the centre piece being caged inside the outer cage, guaranteed to turn heads and to be truly something special!


Do you know what is better than oil dice and caged dice? When you mix oil with caged! Yes, we are releasing a small run of oil caged dice, why? Because we can!

Alright, these next dice have been a crowd request for a while, and we are proud to finally able to bring these to you, our 12mm mini D6 with pip’s. Perfect when you need to roll lots of dice, wargaming, to be used as counters, or even yahtzee! ¬†We are releasing these in our standard 10 aluminium colours as well as in Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper and of course…. Tungsten.


On to some new dice we are very proud of, some new metals, I would like to introduce you to our two newest metal family members – Bronze and Titanium.



Whooah that’s alot of new dice! And they will all be available this weekend at AVCON, so make sure if you are going to come see the new and exciting dice!